The exhibition Self-portrait by Alberto García-Alix, a set of almost seventy works from photographs to videos, was staged for the first time in the Virreina Center of the Image in Barcelona (2013). It is an expository work, curated by Nicolás Combarro, that allows the observer to see the evolution of the concept of the author’s self-portraits throughout his first thirty years of career.

It follows the trajectory of the artist from the first self-portraits made in the late 70s; photographs of fragments of his body where he transmits his particular decomposition of the self-portrait; the private places that form part of his experiences; and also his video works (Three sad videos, The place of no return), where he creates stories in the first person and immerses the public in an increasingly narrative universe.
Taken together, all his work becomes a large expanded self-portrait. And although the photographs build on the author’s life, his intention is always to generate a new reality where the spectator also has room.

The exhibition Self-portrait could also be seen at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, in the list of programs of PhotoEspaña 2014.


Circulo de bellas artes


La Virreina