Exhibition at Fotofabrika festival in Bulgaria


Alberto García-Alix presents the exhibition “What the eyes don’t see” at the Municipal Art Gallery of Sofia (Bulgaria), organized by Fotofabrika Festival and with the collaboration of  Instituto Cervantes de Sofía. Composed of 50 images, the exhibition takes a tour of the author’s photographic career, from his first photos taken at the end of the seventies to the present. It can be visited from June 6th to July 14th, 2024.

“What the eyes don’t see” shows how the photographer changes from the 35 mm format that he used in his early years, to the medium format (6×6) that he introduced in the mid-eighties and that he continues to use today. It also reveals the evolution of the author’s gaze, starting with a selection of portraits and self-portraits from his early years and ending with his most recent photographs where he captures dreamlike, and oneiric worlds, created with different photographic techniques such as multiple exposure, blurring or camera movements. The exhibition also has a set of photographs dedicated to the motorcycles a theme that has accompanied him and has been present throughout his career.

Within the program of Fotofabrika Festival, Alberto García-Alix will also give a workshop for twelve Bulgarian photographers on June 7th and 8th. More details about registration on the website of the festival.

Exhibition: “What the eyes don’t see”
Dates: 6th June – 14th July 2024
Workshop: 7th and 8th June 2024
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