Materia prima, an encounter by Cabello Arribas and García-Alix

Paisaje Doméstico Gallery opens its doors to show the invisible world shared by artists Alberto García-Alix and Juan Cabello Arribas, an exhibition included in PHotoESPAÑA OFF Festival, which can be visited from May 31st to July 5th, 2024.

Under the title “Materia prima” (Raw material), some of Alberto García-Alix’s most iconic photographs enter into dialogue with the work that Juan Cabello Arribas has created with fragments from García-Alix’s photographic archive, reconstructed to form collages.

After a rigorous process of observation and interpretation, Juan Cabello Arribas reconstructs his own narrative, capturing the energy that García-Alíx has meticulously deposited in each of his works. His assemblages represent a new shared reality where Cabello Arribas has wanted to bring together from his intimacy the pulsations that García-Alíx left captured in his images and that now, under a new composition, continue latent and recognizable. The exhibition offers us the opportunity to collect all that energy that both artists captured during their viewing practices, presenting their works as a review of life itself.

Exhibition: Materia Prima

Authors: Juan Cabello Arribas and Alberto García-Alix

Gallery: Paisaje Doméstico. C/ Alfonso Gómez 11, 2ºA. Madrid

Dates: May 31st – July 5th, 2024

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