In this image collection, made throughout his career from 1975 to the present day, Alix portrays his private universe, his friends, his fellow travelers, and shows the evolution of his view of the motorcycle. A look that, with the passage of time, takes the viewer to a more expressionist and allegorical terrain.

These photographs are included in the book MOTO (published by Cabeza de Chorlito, 2015), and in the exhibition “Sombras del viento” (2015) made for the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (MUSAC).

The motorcycle has always been the greatest stimulant of my neurons. It unleashes bolts of happiness in them. I long to live and move around and feel the sun playing with my shadow on the wheels. The ecstasy of riding. Making trouble. hitting the gas, in biker lingo…

I’m losing reflexes and speed, but my mind is sound. It is still sane. That is, just as crazy and nutty – like the first day – over motorcycles. Even more, today, over the years, I can see them illuminated in their metaphor. I dream them them being free and I ride them on a visual imagery of wind. A rhapsody of eternal emotion floats in the air. Speed. Freedom. Creation. Fantasy … Circus soul!


Expo Sombra del Viento