The exhibition contains a wide selection of the first three decades of Alberto García-Alix’s photographs, a wide selection of over more than a hundred photos taken between 1977 and 2006. Curated by Pablo Sycet, it is exhibited in 2018 at Fundación Vital (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain).


“Alberto García-Alix sublimates, ennobles and rescues from oblivion many everyday objects with his gaze, those that in reality really leave the common mortals indifferent, but which contain a poetic charge that only Alberto seems to glimpse and decipher when they cross his path: nobody knows if it is human compassion, or their sense of aesthetics, who moves that first intimate spring that works instantly, as a moral reason, when the restlessness of his gaze takes notice of all those characters who seem to pass through the margins of life and with their mere presence, with their attitude of pride or either resignation, seem to be giving masterful lessons on the human condition. ”

Pablo Sycet


“The saints and the rogues do not appear on the payroll of history. Their adventures belong to the domain of legends. That is also the domain that Alberto García-Alix has chosen to develop his own autobiographical script. A fantastic space organized to suit his tastes. A place where the impulses of the heart have nature of law ”.

Francisco Rivas