Paradise of believers

“Paradise of believers” is a visual conference in which Alberto García-Alix obtains a unitary narration between text and image, the word serving as a central thread and aid in order to organize the abstract thinking of the author, and photography to enhance the imagination and create new realities.

Look at that man.
Immersed in his discouragement he looks at himself.
There is a vibrant silence.
It’s the clown before the show. He knows that in a few moments the lights will come on and he must laugh.
He can´t. He dreams of his crime.
Crime buried in this nothingness, where fatigue reigns over a thousand lost hours.
Visible offense over dead time.
This is the stage.
A purgatory of words.
In them, the light that I stole from my days lives.
They redeem what my eyes saw.


The result is the personal search that permanently surrounds the work of García-Alix, a reflection on life, experiences, fears and yearnings, a subsequent personal analysis turned into his own confession.



Reina Sofia