A false horizon


For three years (2012-2015), García-Alix created a photographic fable, an account of eighty images to deconstruct his reality, and approach a dream world, its own invented universe, a false horizon.

I decipher my presence under myriad images.
Each image, a revelation.
Twenty-two. Two and two are four. A king of kings and his machine. Roar of engines with emotion bordering on tears.
He who risks nothing gains nothing.
Perhaps it was just that, to sublimate an epitaph, which drags me to raise to the walls of the real visions.
Flesh and fluids under an epic prayer.
A world of altered presences trapped in an instant of eternal silence.
The visible as a metaphor of itself and of a thought.
Thought as revelation nourished in a monologue that contracts on a horizon.
A false horizon.



Expo-KAMEL un mundo traicionado 2014


Expo-MEP un horizonte falso