What the eyes have to say


Alberto García-Alix; Jenaro Talens

Jenaro Talens, a Spanish poet and essayist, PhD in Romance Philology from the University of Granada, and Alberto García-Alix, National Photography Prize recipient, engage in a dialogue founded on word and image, the limits and contradictions that accompany the self-portrait and its equivalent in poetic writing: the autobiography.

Two contemporary artists, each a perpetual apprentice of his own trade, exchange experiences of bewilderment, perhaps with the secret hope of finding meaning in a world that never had any sense; two artists who, when they feel afraid, scribble on pages or take photos in order to try to understand what happens and why.

Sometimes one discovers his demons in what the other says or does; sometimes, not even that. The dialogue, however, leaves the door open to move forward.



Author: Alberto García-Alix (photographs) / Jenaro Talens (texts)
Year: 2014
Type: Book
Binding: Softcover
Format: 18 x 24 cm
Pages: 144
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-376-3325-1
Publisher: Cátedra