We will die watching


We will die watching is a collection of the entire written work of Alberto García-Alix between 1987 and 2008. Nearly fifty texts ranging from his first collaboration in the magazine Sur Exprés to the definitive script of the video The place of no return, presented in his anthological exhibition at the Reina Sofía Art Center Museum in Madrid. The essays in his books of images, collaborations in the magazine The song of the crew and his reflections on other photographers and artists all appear in these pages, and also include unpublished material. Without a doubt, the publication of these complete texts adds a new prism for the enjoyment of the photographic work of García-Alix but, above all, invites the discovery of a true writer.

Anyone who has dwelled on the photographs of Alberto García-Alix will have appreciated the sharp sensibility of this artist to title his works. This pact with the word does is not limited to the singular poetry of his titles, since he has also dedicated more than 20 years of sustained attention to writing. Simultaneous to his evolution as a photographer, García-Alix has continued to write texts of different genres and intentions until his recent video production, where word and image are merged with equal expressive force. Scripts, essays, stories, reflections and articles on the great passions that have accompanied him – photography, friends, motorcycles, tattoos, music – make up a work marked by a poignant autobiographical character.



Author: Alberto García-Alix
Year: 2008
Type: Book
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 14 x 22 cm
Pages: 272
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-92498-58-1
Publisher: La Fabrica