This book is the result of Alberto García-Alix’s residence at the International Photography Festival of Valparaiso (FIFV) in 2015. Some thirty images that reflect the photographer’s view of this charismatic port city and the people that inhabit it.

In the prologue the journalist and photographer Miguel Ángel Felipe says that García-Alix “lived in Valparaiso some legendary days of his biography, unblinkingly followed the siren song of the port, photographed some pelicans and scrutinized his unrevealed self… Images where the author’s lacerated intimacy and the place come together”.

“Valparaíso” was co-published by FIFV Editions and André Frère Editions.


VALPARAISO. Alberto García-Alix
Photographs: Alberto García-Alix
Text: Miguel Ángel Felipe
64 pages
16 x 23 cm
35 duotone photos
French/ Spanish
ISBN: 979-10-92265-43-9
Published in association with FIFV