Catalog published on the occasion of the exhibition “La Movida: a chronicle of turmoil”.

From 1978 and almost for a decade, Madrid was both the origin and de meeting point of an upheaval. La Movida was not an artistic movement. Nor it had what movements typically do: a political manifest or a declaration of intentions. No, La Movida was rather an exclusion. It was a juvenile convulsion, to begin with. The circumstances were propitious: the ostracism and shortsightedness that characterized the dictatorship were being left behind and a restless cohort of your people was diving into life. The images took by Miguel Trillo, Pablo Pérez-Minguez, Ouka Leele and Alberto García-Alix are the photographic referents of what happened. They were not only witnesses; they were also participating actors. Within a few years, what began with the push, humility and precarity of self-taught youths, grew roots and mutated into modernity. It affected all the layers os Spanish society. La Movida had its own creation and a visual imaginary that merged with the heart of the times.


Author: Alberto García-Alix, Miguel Trillo, Ouka Leele, Pablo Pérez-Mínguez

Year: 2019

Type: Book

Format: 22 x 33 cm

Pages: 128, contains 4 books of 32 pages/each and 4 posters.

Bindign: silkscreen night blue cardboard box

Language: Spanish/English

ISBN: 978-84-939682-6-7

Publisher: Cabeza de Chorlito