García-Alix receives the ICON 2023 award

Alberto García-Alix has received the ICON 2023 award. ICON is a magazine specialized in men published by the spanish newspaper El País. This year the magazine celebrates its 10th anniversary. The artist Samantha Hudson, the musician Ozuna, the actress and screenwriter Ana Rujas and the model Jon Kortajarena, also received this award in a ceremony held at the Italian Consulate in Madrid, on November 14th. The model Eugenia Silva was in charge of presenting the award to the photographer Alberto García-Alix.

According to the editor Daniel García, in the edition 2023 the awards have been given to a group of people who have demonstrated a new way of approaching the disciplines in which they excel, and he added that “we worship icons. The stars, objects, phenomena. Cinema, literature, fashion, architecture, design, politics, art, music.” Regarding the history of the magazine, García pointed out that “10 years ago we started to make a magazine for men and we didn’t know that Instagram, #MeToo, audiovisual platforms, the queer revolution, the explosion of men’s fashion or urban music were going to arrive soon (…) We have changed a lot and with the world. Now it is more diverse and more difficult, richer, but more complex.”

Photos by Santi Burgos


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