Alberto García-Alix, new exhibition SHADOWS OF THE WIND

Shadows of the Wind, is a specific project done by Alberto García-Alix for MUSAC that builds a bridge between pasta and present, following the thread of tow bodies of photographic work that he tackled during the eighties and nineties. Materialized in the books Bikers and Los malheridos, los bien amados, los traidores, these works sum up two of his key interests, motorbikes and portraits, that are still today a source of inspirations, two ways of understanding his reality through photography.

The exhibition follows the artist evolution through these two themes in this life and work, tracing a photographic and self-referential journey narrated in the first person. The vintage prints we see in the display cases are a selection of images that preserve time and become objects. The video reproduction of the original books offers a close-up view of the artist aesthetics and vision at the time. Finally, the newly produced photographs are a selection of his latest works on the subjects that reveal the subsequent evolution of his gaze.

This show, curated by Nicolás Combarro, is a parable on the oeuvre of García-Alix, who appears at once essential and intimate, moving between two leitmotifs that define him as an artist and as an individual in a time frame spanning over thirty years of intense dedication to photography.

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