The place of no return


Through an intense narration, The place of no return is a deep journey through the time and the life of the author. More than 250 images, taken in Madrid, Paris and Beijing, comprise this ambitious project on which García-Alix has worked for three decades.

Photography is here the medium to transfer the viewer to the other side of life. On this premise, the work The place of no return acquires a poetic character and each of his portraits takes on a transcendent dimension.

The coherent artistic vision of the author allows this book to encompass a thirty-year trajectory, making it impossible to speak of a retrospective, but rather of a narration, a history of life–that of the artist himself.

“If yesterday I photographed silences, today I photograph my own voice”. Alberto García-Alix.



Author: Alberto García-Alix
Year: 2007
Type: Book
Format: 24 x 28cm
Pages: 320
Language: Spanish / English
ISBN: 978-8492841660
Publisher: La Fábrica