Mourning her who thought she loved me


In this set of more than eighty photographs, taken from the eighties to the beginning of 2000, Alberto García-Alix evokes the woman, “essence, motor and backdrop” in his own words in this work, whose inspiration came from a verse from the Irishman Samuel Beckett: “Mourning her who thought she loved me”.

Among friends, lovers, accomplices and companions, García-Alix places a self-portrait: “My feminine side” (2002). He explains in an introductory text that “the job of the photographer is not only to show what he sees, but to make it true and exciting … to breathe life into it. That is why I take photos, because I feel like a fabulist, a storyteller, a poet’s apprentice… who intuits, to his regret, that his photos are the odyssey of a catastrophe “.

Lola Garrido, curator of the exhibition that gives title to this book, wrote of Alix that “men who, like him, create with passion, and only for pleasure, for their own enjoyment and for many years, are the ones who ultimately have the most coherent work “.



Author: Alberto García-Alix
Year: 2002
Type: Book
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 27 x 25 cm
Pages: 148
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 9788495471499
Publisher: Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports—La Fábrica