Beloved Homeland


At the initiative of the Cristina Masaveu Foundation, the “Miradas de Asturias” project promotes, in the form of sponsorship, the creation of an unpublished work fund inspired by Asturias and its people, brought to life through the eyes of prestigious invited photographers.

In 2010 the Foundation invited the photographer Alberto García-Alix to carry out the first of the project’s editions. For its development, García-Alix made a series of trips to Asturias, taking advantage of complete creative and thematic freedom, that resulted in the exhibition Patria Querida; this serves as a catalogue of the display.

In Patria Querida García-Alix immserses himself in the atmosphere of Asturias. He brings a poetic and intense look, between reality and allegory, through industrial landscapes, challenging architecture, abstract nature and singular portraits, that introduce us into a narrative guided by the artist’s eyes.

The exhibition was presented in 2012 at the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Insituto in Gijón. Subsequently, the display was exhibited at the Conde Duque Cultural Center in Madrid and at the Museo de Electricidad in Lisbon.



Author: Alberto García-Alix
Year: 2013
Type: Book including DVD
Binding: Softcover
Format: 24 x 29 cm
Pages: 168
Language: Spanish/ English/ French
ISBN: 978-84-616-1957-3
Publisher: Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson. 2012