“Mise au poing”, 30th anniversary of Doctors of the World

Doctors of the World celebrates its 30th anniversary with the exhibition “Mise au poing”, at the Topographie de l’Art in Paris (France), from February 10th to March 18th 2017. Contemporary photographers Henk Wildschut participate in it: Henk Wildschut (Netherlands), Cédric Gerbehaye (Belgium), from France Válerie Jouve, Claudine Doury and Denis Rouvre, and the spanish photographer Alberto García-Alix.

With this exhibition, Doctors of the World tries to give visibility to the most disadvantaged, making the society aware of the precariousness of their daily lives and the need to have a more united world.

For this project, García-Alix moved to Paris – city in which Doctors of the World opened in 1986 the first free health center for people without economic resources – to portray: Nicole, Grégoire, Roger, Pierre, Mahfouda , Avram, Elisei, Aber, Gaëlle, Kounouz, Smoke and Yasmina.

After the opening in Paris, “Mise au poing” has been exhibited in the cities of Lille and Bordeaux (France).

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