Song of the crew


No.1: Motorcycles

The old Rocker’s hair is too long, the hem of his pants too tight.
Out of style till the end.

He drank his beer too easily.
The skull on his belt buckle—the dreams of the past.
He is now too old for the Rock’ n´Roll but too young to die.
He once owned a Harley Davidson and a Triumph Bonneville.

He saw his friends as burned out sparkplugs and prays that it will always be like that.  But he is the last of the blue-blooded bikers (…)



No. 2: Women

In you I learned the Woman, the happy being who evolves in life out of pleasure, with no concerns other than taking care of Beauty
I wanted to make you a goddess of the flesh, but you were more powerful than your own beauty, and you earned eternity.


Fernando País


No. 3 Don’t ever die


Out of the contemporaries just a few remain, the most extreme fell right away, quickly,… slowly … There are fewer and fewer of us.
Others have left for a while, occasionally flying over the battlefield … A battle that we´ll win.
A battle we fight with our battle cry: ¡Pura Vida! With this ship: The Song of the Crew.


Fernando País



4: If there’s no wind, we’ll have to row


Eternity that unites us with bright-colored lies and big words, which do not reach the Water. Water of human, secret seas.
Water that strengthens and marshals us, empowering us like sailors of an infinite Infinity.

Wind flow felt on the ephemeral tattooed flesh, exhausting it all, and surfacing in the next gesture, of every blow.

What else can we do? If there is no wind, we´ll have to row.

Fernando País



No. 5

If Leonardo had proposed it, we would all have had tattoos centuries ago and it would be really common to display in our living room the skin of the torso of our great-grandfather side by side with our grandmother´s, along with a dragon decked out in fuchsia and red, and a few inheritances of dear friends.


Fernando País



No. 6: The novel

A complete novel: The pirate’s notebook. The Cuban dancer. School of executioners. A treasure disappears … An adventure novel? A humorous story? A philosophy lesson? Reality of an illusion? … All of this can be found in this work.



No. 7 Ramón

´We´d feel relieved if we understood that dying is the last thrill of life´
Ramón Gómez de la Serna

To have a spotless service record, tarnished with the most exquisite sins, is a lot, but not sufficient for someone to be considered an Exemplary Crewman: For this achievement he must know through and through the echoes of the devil’s smile; or, similarly, he must have immersed himself in the untrodden darkness, employing only his flashes of courage and the luster of his talent.

Gonzalo García Pino



No. 8

To travel by way of drugs is to die every day and to enjoy it alone. Sometimes I´d stop by Chueca and the Salesas for a period of time, by Sol and the Gran Vía in other times, the Dos de Mayo yet other times, around my neighborhood. Sometimes, I´d have to storm off from all the these places with a knife to my throat because I wanted to get more fucked up than I should have.
I hung out a lot with transvestites, knife-yielding lowlifes, pickpockets and small dealers, we´d get trashed in the Olivo square. The hookers knew I was good with the syringe so they´d come to me to shoot them up with those coke shots in those little creeks formed by gray, hidden, fearful veins…

The Angel



No. 9:

In the solitude of sleep, time disappears. The golden age that runs through childhood knows no time. Watches are born from the white corpse of a dead child. The conquest of that use of reason that catechisms talked about is not a step forward in our life, it is almost a defeat; life ceases to be free (…)

Gonzalo García Pino



Nº 10: Lecher doesn´t cry

In the circus of life, the lecher walks on a wire without a net. Sewed to his flag, a motto: “He who excuses himself accuses himself”, and under the echo of his steps, the stubborn gibberish of the complaints and lamentations die off. A lecher doesn´t cry.

Gonzalo García Pino