Don’t follow me… I’m lost


Don’t follow me… I’m lost. 76-86 is a photographic chronicle, created by Alberto García-Alix, in a period of turmoil and volatility in Madrid. Characters, incidents and milieus of those years that are still a milestone for contemporary Spanish culture.

The title of the book, according to the author himself, is a phrase that he repeated at the time: “don’t follow me, I’m lost.” And yes, it was also the first tattoo that I got. This phrases captures perfectly what those years were like”.

The edition includes both a DVD with images and music along with a text by Garcia-Alix that consists of a dialogue with his alter ego, Xila.

“If someone can talk about Alberto García-Alix, it’s me. I have witnessed his period and his adventures. His steps have been my steps. It’s possible we haven’t exchanged shadows, because when I leave him and I head off to rest, to sleep, I fear that the shadow that follows me is his.”



Author: Alberto García-Alix
Year: 2006
Type: Book
Binding: Hardcover
Format: 30,5 x 20,5 cm
Pages: 176
Language: Spanish
ISBN: 84-96466-47-7
Publisher: La Fabrica