“Fierce Expressionism” at Clermont-Ferrand ‘s Photography Center (France)

Alberto García-Alix presents for the first time in France the exhibition “Fierce Expressionism”. Organized by the City Council of Clermont-Ferrand (France), it takes place at the Hôtel Fontfreyde Photography Center, from January 29th to April 30th, 2022, coinciding with the celebration of the International Short Film Festival Labo, edition to which Alberto García-Alix has been invited to be part of the jury.

“Fierce Expressionism” houses more than fifty photographs, taken in recent years and which have already toured through Uruguay, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Moscow. In the author’s own words, this series of photographs represent “the dream of a disaster and its aftermath. The epic of a sigh. Search and intention. If yesterday I looked at the world around me with naturalism and objectivity, today the subjective and, even more, the intuitive prevail. I photograph to exalt an idea, a fable or a lament… These images are fragments of a new and own imaginary. I deform, compress or enlarge a record parallel to the one I strip of references and I steal your time.”

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