The closest I came to paradise.

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reminyl uk over the counter This set of photographs that García-Alix offers us is the result of countless visits the artist has made over the years to the Balearic Islands. His first trip to Ibiza was in the summer of 1974, but his first negative of the island dates back to 1981.  It is not until 1989 that he first visited Formentera. Since then, this island returns regularly to his life, and therefore to his work. Feelings of freedom, of a hedonism that permeate the images that come to us through the filter of his gaze. A tension captivates us and envelops us in the creation of another reality, a mystery that takes us to another island, which García-Alix constructs with his images of children with the gaze of adults, adults transformed into architecture, architecture as portraits.  All located in a nature that turns wild through his vision.

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how to order eskalith usa discount A melody of sounds can be heard when, from a distance, I remember the Balearics. If I close my eyes, the summer sun, its light, is the first noticeable detail.  The second, the sea. Infinite blue, green, a caress, then other details in crescendo, my youth riding on them. Freedom.  Pleasure.
In this sonorous background my memories swim.

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cheap norvasc purchase online uk It was life, more than twenty years that stretch out as a bellow before my eyes and let themselves to be seen. This symphony of wind and water … watching waves on which the echos of other summers can be seen.  One endless summer.
Because of this, I ´ll always return to Formentera as a prodigal son in need of peace and sun to feed his senses.